Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been out again with the NAFA RAID team and you won't believe this poor dog that we brought back. I want to warn you that it isn't a pretty site, but I think you should all know about this dog. You see, someone dropped it off at the end of a country road near the house of an elderly man. The elderly, disabled man told us that he called everyone trying to find someone to help him. After almost a week he called a vets office who referred him to NAFA. That's when the RAID team and I responded.

WARNING ... these are photos of my poor friend.

He had no name so I've called him "Desperado". I think you will know why.

As you can see, he is so covered in mange that his skin is actually oozing.

His feet were so bad that he was unable to walk straight.

The vet told me that he was one of the worst cases of untreated mange that he had ever seen.

Of course, they won't let me close because I might catch it. However, that didn't stop the RAID Team from holding and loving on him while the veterinarian quietly euthanized him. His temperature was nearly 107 degrees. He was having seizures and there was serious brain damage already. There were many questions that went through my mind as I watched my humans work with "Desperado" ...

How could someone dump this poor dog on a country road, to die alone and in such miserable pain? Why did it take so many days of suffering before the elderly man could find someone to help him?

I am so lucky to have a family now, what more can I do to stop the suffering of the many animals in this area? The humans of the RAID team are comforting me now. They tell me that my blog will help. They also say that although I am incredibly sad, that I should also be happy that we were able to stop his suffering. Many people will be too sad to look at the pictures ... but I say that everyone should look at him and think about his suffering. Then, they should pledge to help rescues in their area because I know that he is not the only dog to suffer. I know there are hundreds or even thousands of suffering animals and the only way to help them is to help the rescues. So, make a donation to a rescue you know that works abuse cases, even if it is just a dollar. Because without your support animals liked "Desperado" won't get any help.

With Sadness and Determination,