Friday, August 21, 2009

Tower of Terror

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the animals of Northeast Arkansas by viewing the Tower of Terror. It is not something that everyone can linger and look at but helps with the understanding of the abuses that are investigated in our area.
Even the head of Animal Control, Larry Rogers, could not resist the adoreable Skunk, who is NAFA's designated canine for puppy mill education.

Here is Skunk with her intake picture when she first came to NAFA from the puppymill she and several others were taken from.

NAFA chose this time to also honor our local Animal Control Officers in Jonesboro. They are a great team of individuals and we are honored to work with them to make Jonesboro a better place for the animals.

Lots of people donated $1.00 for each rose and place card in honor of a living pet or relative or in memory of a lost pet or family member. Thank you to all who donated. Your money will help NAFA to keep up the community programs we do.

Place cards like these with individual roses are sold for each event. These cards read
"In remembrance of Bear and Stormy. Your Mom, Lisa will miss you for the rest of her lifetime."
Some people came out early.

Some of the newer volunteers were learning for the first time some of the cases we have been through. Seeing the faces of desperation and then watching them turn to recognition is one of the best feelings that a person can have.

One of the best quotes that has ever came from a person's mouth.

The Tower of Terror! This has become an annual event and honors some of the animals that NAFA has dealt with in the past few years. While some of the images are graphic, they are necessary to convey our message to the public.
Till Next Time,