Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rescue of 19 Animals Brings Merry Christmas

Holiday Rescue of 19 Animals from Hoarder in Newport Brings Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas to all ...

With Christmas just a couple of days away, many of us are still shopping and finding holiday stress at every turn. However, for 19 dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and rabbits, this Christmas brings relief from unimaginable living conditions.

It was a collaboration by members of the Jackson County Humane Society and Northeast Arkansans for Animals - which makes it an even happier event. It just goes to prove that animal rescue agencies can put aside their differences and come together for the sake of animals and our community.

It took almost a week for the two organizations to secure legal surrender of the animals. The hoarders, who have had several past issues with animal neglect, were jailed on non animal related issues. Members of the Jackson County Humane Society were able to visit them in the jail and obtain surrender paperwork. Some of the animals had already been picked up by the Newport Animal Control. Again, setting aside agency differences, the Newport Animal Control surrendered all the dogs picked up at the hoarder’s residence to the Jackson County Humane Society.

Finally on Monday evening at about 6:00 pm all 19 animals were brought to the NAFA Animal Services building. There they received immediate medical attention, soft warm blankets, toys and even a treat or two. (For those of you who recently provided blankets and toys, know that each animal found great comfort in the small act of kindness - thanks especially to Scooby who donate two bags of toys and a couple sweaters/jackets - which provided warmth and comfort to the scalded and hairless skin of several animals).
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It will be a long road to recovery for many of the animals and sadly, some may not make it. But there is great joy in knowing that they will never live in such conditions again. All the animals suffered from different degrees of mange, ringworm, flea infestation, staph, skin lesions, parasites, infections, anemia and various stages of malnutrition.

Thanks so very much to the foster homes who stepped up at the last minute to provide much needed help for these animals.
Thanks to Sharrie Grant and other members of the Jackson County Humane Society for working diligently to save these animals.

Thanks to the NAFA volunteers who came to help assist with the intake and related work helping these animals.

Thanks to each and every one of you and the hundreds of NAFA supporters. Without your continued support of our programs, donated items, cash donations and, of course, your prayers, rescue efforts like this would not be possible and hundreds of animals would continue to live in concentration camp circumstances.

This truly is one of the best Christmas presents ever and what the true spirit of Christmas is all about.

All the best to you and your family,
... and God bless them everyone.