Saturday, May 22, 2010


Come our and enjoy the fun at Petco today from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. NAFA's Spring Animals Fair. Lots of kid and dog events. Picture oppurtunity, Fun Agility, Kids Games. and lots more!! Sorry no adoptable animals will be available today.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


NAFA volunteers attend an event held at Fox Meadow School year that is called Mini Training Course Day. NAFA goes to help familiarize children with typical and not so typical pets. We try to address what makes a good pet owner and why animals are a lifetime commitment. Only one class talked about taking their animal to a veterinarian. We also teach about Bite Prevention while we are there.

Fun Fact: Well not actually fun or funny, 63 of the 93 students in our sessions that day have been bitten by a dog or cat.

Ciderella, who is a corn snake, goes each year to help kids not be fearful of pet reptiles. She is a very docile snake and has a very temperament. The home she lives in handles her frequently to help her stay friendly. Reptiles do carry salmonella and you should always wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling a reptile.

This brave little girl is holding Medusa, a Bearded Dragon who is a new addition to the school program. Medusa was blind from eye swelling when she came to NAFA. She has healed quite well. Bearded Dragons are also in the reptile group.

This is Marigold. She is a Guinea Pig.
One of the questions asked is "What kind of animals do not make good pets?"
Here are some of the answers we received through out the day:
White Tiger/Lion
Red Panda
Sting Ray
Jelly Fish
Our favorites however were:
Elephants- "An elephant would not fit in your house."
Skunks- "If it sprays one time it makes the house stink for a week."

The kids answered questions about many things that Ms. Wannda asked. One of the things that was discussed was that if they are to encounter and injured animal, even their own, to have a parent get the animal not them.

NAFA would like to thank Mrs. Pierce for the use of her room for our Mini Course presentation.
NAFA also took packets to hand out to the kids that included an Essay contest to be written about their pet. If your child would like to enter and is in the fourth through sixth grade you can download your form here along with contest rules. Essay's must be submitted no later than 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 19th.
Can't wait for next year,


If you didn't make it to see the performance of Annie Jr. you missed a wonderful opportunity to see some great kids in action and a dog. NAFA was contacted about filling the part of Sandy and this little girl fit the bill. She is available for adoption so she fit in well with the story line.
Here she is with the performer who portrayed Annie.

After performing she was comforted by her coach and mentor, Ella.

Ella comforted and calmed her after her last performance.

All NAFA members in attendance were thrilled with what this scruffy puppy accomplished. She was a good sport about the whole thing.

Annie agreed to pose with Sandy for our photographer. What a lovely pair the two of them make.

This young lady also wanted her picture made with Sandy so of course she graciously obliged.

Warbucks had to get in on the photo session as well.

Thanks to all that came to support these young actors and actresses in their performance of Annie Jr. We would like to thank the teachers, staff, and students for including a rescue animal in your play.
Till Next Time,
P.S. Watch for a post about the Mini Course Day that was held at Fox Meadow last Friday.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The volunteers were exhausted and supporters were tired of hearing from us, but the result was phenomenal. A total of 15 dogs and 4 cats were adopted through the two day National Pet Adoptathon Event. One family drove from over 4 hours away to adopt one of our puppies. A skittish but wonderful puppy mill Pekingnese was placed in a foster to adopt home. A beautiful yellow lab female went to a disabled boy to help keep him motivated.
The Responsible for Life photo campaign was a big success. These are the first four posters of the campaign. Posters can be seen on Saturday's at Petco during regular adoption hours.

Filling out paperwork after approval.
One beautiful white Persian-Himalayan found a home with an awesome college girl. NAFA rarely adopts to college students because their lives are so hectic and there are such changes in store for them. However, this exceptional young lady is exactly what NAFA looks for in a forever home.
This family graciously agreed that we could use their photo on our blog.
Jewelry available as Mother's Day gifts along with a card. Please come out this weekend and purchase yours. All monies collected will be used to help care for the Spring animal explosion. We are having lots of mothers and babies surrendered right now.
Microchip Clinic was a success also. Microchips were offered at $15.00 each. NAFA will be holding another Microchip Event this Summer.
Each home was a perfect match for their adoption. Thanks to the volunteers for giving up their weekend to make a better life for these deserving animals.

Congratulations to Jonesboro Animal Control for adopting 10+ animals. Their officers donated Saturday time to hold a special 10 am to 4 pm adoption at their facility.