Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Lyme disease is now the most common tick-borne human infection in the USA, with more than 30,000 cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year. While on the rise, instances of lyme disease in Arkansas are not common. However, for dogs and cats, ticks (and fleas) can be life threatening even without lyme disease. Excessive ticks can produce paralysis, anemia and even death for some pets. During the last 3 weeks, NAFA has rescued nearly 20 dogs and cats that have serious health issues as a result of flea and tick infestations. It is important for the health of you and your pet that you keep fleas and ticks to a minimum.
This Saturday from 7:30 am to 11:30 am NAFA will sponsor Dr. Jack Jones in a low cost vaccination clinic for qualified individuals. The low cost vaccination clinic will be at 233 N. Gee at NAFA’s Animal Services Building. Vaccinations, heartworm test and heartworm preventative will be available at significantly reduced prices for low income, disabled, elderly and unemployed individuals. For a complete list of vaccinations and qualifications for individuals please visit 
Flea and tick preventative will also be available. In addition, NAFA will provide free information at both our low cost vaccination clinic and our pet adoption event 1 to 4 pm at Petco, on low cost, effective means to help reduce and eliminate fleas and ticks. (Please note this is not a fund raising event – it is a community service event).