Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Who knew dogs were so opinionated?

Hey, Tut here just wanted to update you on the latest happenings. We are fed up with the only the male cats in our community getting neuter rights. Dogs deserve those rights also and spaying should be included. Equal opportunity should be given to dogs and cats so that low cost altering can be had by all!

Dakota was glad that her Mom allowed her to participate. She was taking a small break.

Issy was not going to be outdone and when her shorter sibling, Patti, said that she was protesting Issy eagerly volunteered!

Patti was really excited about being involved but would have loved it if the kind people at the bakery where we protested would have let her come in for a moment in the air conditioning.
Watch for protesting in your neighborhood! You never know where we could go next!
Till Next Time,