Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Kids seem to love the Easter Bunny! Some of them come right up to him and others seem to take a moment to adjust to the idea!
This young fellow was very eager to give the Easter Bunny a high five!
This young Schnauzer puppy was all about giving the Easter Bunny some kisses!
Even the Dachshund that NAFA has for adoption got in on giving kisses to the Easter Bunny.
She is a female Dachshund around 1 year old. She needs a home with no small children.
Hugs from the Bunny!
We got stuffed puppies from the Bunny!
Miracle, senior Great Dane was a bit leery of the Easter Bunny!
After a little reassurance from her Mom though she went a bit closer.
Miracle discovered that the Easter Bunny knows how to pet animals very well!
A parting kiss was very nice of Miracle, and I am sure it made the Easter Bunny happy also!
Happy Easter,
P.S. Don't forget if you ordered pictures you can pick them up after 1 p.m. on Saturday at Petco in Grooming.

Monday, March 29, 2010


This past Saturday NAFA had Easter Bunny pictures at Petco. While we were there the Easter Bunny got quite a few hugs from kids and kisses from puppies. Later in the week I will post the pictures of him with the kids and dogs. Brandy Hodges from KAIT 8 came out to video some of the days events. She feel in love with this precious face.
This little guy, who will be a big guy is available for adoption. He is a male Husky/Bernard mix, and was born around the 16th of January 2010.
We even have cats that attend events sometimes. His first event was Fall Animal Fair 2009. His Mom always brings him to get his picture made.

Sigmund came with his Mom but was so excited to visit with everyone that he never made it to the Easter Bunny.

Although the Petco employees took a moment out to pose with him just for fun. Thanks for the picture guys!

You can also view the Easter Egg Hunt photos on NAFA's Event Shutterfly account:

Happy Easter,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Naptime @ Halftime

Adoption is very long for the dogs so about half way through they tend to want to take a nap.
Some of them choose a place high above the rest of the riff raff because who can nap with all of the others running about.

There are also those who just pile up on top of one another and find it quite comfortable.

Little Bit doesn't care where she takes her nap as long as them meddling puppies leave her alone.
If you are near Petco on Saturday why don't you come by to see just who is napping with whom!
Adoption is from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. every Saturday at Petco off of Caraway Road in Jonesboro, AR.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Successful Microchip Clinic

The process began by filling out the necessary paperwork for microchip registration. Handouts about disaster preparedness, pet first aid, and other helpful information were available for anyone at the store.

Then Dr. Jack Jones D.V.M. microchipped the animals while a NAFA volunteer helped in stabilizing the animal. NAFA would like to thank Dr. Jack for coming out to help us with this Clinic.

After the chip was inserted the animal was scanned so that verification of the number could be made. Pets received a bag of dog treats at the end of their process.
The Microchip clinic has helped identify just over 50 animals. We hope to do another Clinic in the future. Along with the microchip the animals also received a NAFA tag that has a significant number to the animal, this service is available every Saturday that pet adoption is held.
Glad to help out,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

South School Education - 3/12/2010

I wanted to show you some of the animals that we took for the education night at South School. There were quite a few people there and we were able to help people to understand the importance of caring for animals properly.
Podo, NAFA's education Ferret, was there to show just how flexible the animal community is in the love of different kinds of animals. He was just happy to hang out.

Polly & Ella became a little closer even though it took them a couple of tries. I think it may have been Ella's bunny costume that made them a little worried, but this goes to show a great amount of trust in their owners.

People came by to see all of us and visit. We had handouts and the volunteers were there to answer questions that anyone might have.

Ella was not to happy in her bunny shirt. I was just really glad Mom couldn't find on in my size.

There were other people there with all kinds of booths. People could tour around the circuit of tables and visit with each place of business.

Ella had a very fluffy tail on her shirt which went with her bunny ears!

Polly sat on her perch very nicely and watched as everyone went by. She has such pretty colors.
The Bearded Dragon was there to help people see the reptile options for pets in their home.

WARNING: Snake pictured below! Thought I would warn those of you who are afraid of Cinderella's kind. Although I find her rather friendly!
Cinderella was there to help educate about reptiles as pets. Her family takes her out daily to keep her friendly.
Some people were not afraid to touch her, which made the volunteers were happy to see.
Hope to see you at the next education event,
Tut & My Friends

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Old Myth was proven false once again at NAFA's adoption on Saturday at Petco in Jonesboro!
The old adage that cats and dogs do not get along was proved to be just an old myth!

Although some dogs do not like cats, most can be taught to peacefully co-habitat with a feline friend!
Although this young feline seems to be treading a little to heavily.....
No one seems very bothered by it though. Maybe even in youth they have learned that a cat will do what it wishes!
This little gray kitten seems to be trying to hide from the camera....
Guess she is camera shy after all!!!!

Till Next Time,

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Meet Kitoni, she was adopted from NAFA in Jan. of 2005. Kitoni brought her family to adopt her a new sibling this weekend. They had been talking about getting a puppy for a while and had been watching on www.petfinder.com/shelters/AR55.html and NAFA's Facebook page www.facebook.com/NAFA.rescue for just the right one.
They were pretty sure they found some puppies they were interested in so they came to adoption on Saturday to meet them in person. They had a hard decision and Kitoni's people had to decide between two wonderful puppies. They filled out the adoption questionnaire and interviewed with NAFA's Director, who had some tough questions for them. Ultimately it turned out they took a new family member home.
The reports are that Echo, a Catahoula mix is settling in nicely with her new family. Kitoni is enjoying her new sibling. The family with their new member are pictured below:

I am very happy that you have a new sibling Kitoni! I wish you the best of luck with potty training Echo!


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Don't Shop, Adopt NASCAR design might win!!!!

Take a moment to click on this link and vote for this car that PETE CUFFARO designed? Pete has 2 wonderful rescue dogs and one is on the side of the car! Would this be great to see this car raise awareness of adopting??!!!!

The design highlights the awareness of adoption of animals from our local animal shelters instead of purchasing a dog or cat. Please vote for this design. It could wind up being driven in the 2010 NASCAR All-Star Race.Please note that you can vote once a day.

Click on this link and give it a few seconds to load:


Monday, March 1, 2010


In the pictures below you can see the extreme matting that she had to deal with daily. The mats were so tight that she had be shaved nearly to the skin. The highlighted areas show where matting was worst. She also had fleas embedded in the mats that could not be reached with flea medication alone.

She waited patiently yet plaintively for her turn in grooming.

Thank you to everyone who talked with Maddie at Petco while she was waiting for her turn to be groomed. The next time you see her she will be much happier. To read the story of how Maddie came to us please scroll down.

Maddie was surrendered by a family after she wandered up several months ago. Although she was declawed on all four feet, she still lived outdoors. The family contacted us when they noticed that she was limping on her right front leg.

Maddie was so matted that she growled every time she moved. Initially the vet believed that her limping was a result of the matting - imagine that the hairs at the back of your neck were constantly being pulled by your necklace or jacket.

That's how Maddie felt all over. (Below is a picture of the matted hair that was pain stakingly removed from Maddie. It came of in large chunks from being so entangled.)
Once she was shaved down, thanks to the wonderful groomers of Petco in Jonesboro, AR, her disposition improved 1000%. She no longer growls at everyone and everything. After the grooming, the vet took a second look at her leg and believes that she limps as a result of a previous injury that has healed incorrectly.

In the next week we will be covering why it is so important to properly groom a medium to long haired cat and also the reasons that declawing an indoor/outdoor cat is not recommended.
Thanks for reading Maddie's story,