Sunday, February 28, 2010


Adoption Events can be stressful for all NAFA Volunteer's and Animals so when Billy Bob ( 1 yr. old Male Boston Terrier ) started to bathe this Catahoula Mix puppy ( 8 week old Female) I thought it was something to write about.

The young Catahoula seemed to appreciate the reassuring attention from an older dog while at the Adoption Event, which is held each Saturday at Petco in Jonesboro, AR.

Glad to share this with all of you,
P.S. All dogs shown in this post are available for adoption.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Amy and Rod Burkert, co-founders of, a free-to-use internet resource for people who prefer to travel with their pets, are constantly amazed by the welcome attitudes they encounter when on the road with their two dogs, Buster, a 2 1/2 year old rescued German Shepherd and Ty, a 5 year old Shar Pei .
“Who would have thought you could take dogs on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville , NC ,” says Rod. “Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s people’s changing attitudes. But many times, all you need to do is ask if the location is pet friendly.”

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


NAFA volunteers remember the horrors we encountered in Northwest Arkansas several years ago at EDNAH a sanctuary for pit bulls. The following investigation and rescue in Ohio is very similar.

OHIO Sanctuary found to be horrendous.

February 2010 TRUMBULL COUNTY , OHIO --Volunteers are finding ways to care for hundreds of animals, including dogs, cats and geese that were rescued from a local home/sanctuary.

A Trumbull County warehouse is the temporary home for 162 dogs rescued from a home Friday that was supposed to be an animal sanctuary."The final tally was 162 dogs, 18 cats, two horses and a multitude of fowl and chickens," said detective Harold Firster of the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office.

Trumbull County sheriff's deputies arrested 58-year-old Kathy Witzman during the raid at her home. They say she faces close to 200 counts of cruelty to animals."One person could not feed these animals if they had 25 hours a day, let alone take care of them," said detective Firster.

"We're finding a mixed bag of things that are wrong with them, some are thinner than others, some are a little bit better taken care of than others, but what we're seeing probably is the fact that there is some problem with all of them," said Barbara Busko of the Animal Welfare League.Veterinarians are checking out the dogs. Volunteers are helping the Animal Welfare League feed and walk the animals.At least one dog may have to be put down, another already died."We had hoped that we could give him a little bit of quality of life, and unfortunately he died around five o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday," said Busko.

Volunteers say eventually many of the dogs will be available for adoption. First, the case must go through the legal process and the dogs' temperaments must be analyzed."These animals were chained to three-to-five foot chains, never getting away from the chains or in little can cause them to become aggressive," said Busko.

The Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County is asking for donations to care for the animals.

The animal cruelty charges are misdemeanors, but investigators say Witzman is also being charged with a felony, because they say a 55 gallon drum of animal bones were also found on the property.



Even if you don't like the Winter Olympics you will love the 2010 Winter Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


West Minster Dog Show Winner
Scottish Terrier
Ch Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot
4+ year old female

Tuesday Night results:

Sporting Group
1st Brittany
2nd Irish Water Spaniel
3rd Gordon Setter
4th Labrador Retriever

Working Group
1st Doberman Pinscher
2nd Boxer
3rd Portuguese Water dog
4th Alaskan Malamute

Terrier Group
1st Scottish Terrier
2nd Fox Terrier Smooth
3rd Norwich Terrier
4th Airdale Terrier

Wish you could have seen it! I almost feel off the couch with excitement.......


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was watching last night to see how all my friends were doing and remembered that not everyone is able to watch. I decided that I would post them to my blog and share for those of you who did not get to see last nights West Minister Dog Show. I just posted where the breeds ranked in groups and not the individual dogs names, sorry.

Here are the results:

Hound Group

1st Whippet
2nd Greyhound
3rd Scottish Deerhound
4th Petits Bassetts Griffons Vendeer

Toy Group

1st Poodle
2nd Pekingese
3rd Shih tzu
4th Papillion

Non Sporting Group

1st French Bulldog
2nd Shar-Pei
3rd Bulldog
4th Poodle – Miniature

Herding Group

1st Puli
2nd Belgian Sheepdog
3rd Bearded Collie
4th German Shepherd

I will post tonights results tomorrow. Until then have a great day.