Monday, January 30, 2012

Izzy - Adopted August 2010

Sometimes NAFA has a family that really stands out when they adopt for one reason or another, this one is because of the great distance that was traveled for a puppy……
                                      Photo Courtesy of  Alyssa Hennessy Photography

She has traveled over 5,000 miles by car with her family and does amazing, even though she hates her seatbelt harness.

So when we received a Christmas card from the family that adopted the Wolfhound / Collie mix we were all thrilled at the photos and letter that was enclosed. The passage in what we are guessing is a yearly letter about the way life has been going included a whole paragraph about Izzy. Here is the excerpt from that letter:

“Izzy, our quadruped fur baby, turned one year old in June (or around there). Her legs have lengthened along with her fur. We still have not bothered to investigate what her mix breed could be, but she does resemble the breeds the rescue thought she was (Wolfhound / Collie mix). In all honesty, we know it’s a really hairy breed crossed with a hyper breed. Graduation from Obedience Training was achieved (Whew!). She can now sit, shake your hand, and when she feels like it she will come inside on command. 

 Izzy would still give Beckham a run for his money. No seriously, the little stinker will actually dribble the ball away from you before she clamps down on it. “

We were so happy to hear about her antics and how life was going for her. She has turned into a beautiful girl as we all hoped she would. We were all saddened when she was adopted to people that are so far away but at the same time happy that she was getting such a fantastic home. We are glad that she is our friend on Facebook as well. We get to see updated pictures when they let us know there are new ones posted.

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